Stuck wiggle

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Opened on:Sunday, March 9, 2014 - 01:51
Last modified:Monday, March 17, 2014 - 11:19

It seems this issue is rearing its ugly head again in the new devprev. At Medium WP (which I use as a matter of routine), and after a Mutate on 856 which gave >150 points, the subsequent Wiggle only gave a fraction of a point. Reducing the CI and wiggling (which actually increased the score) followed by wiggling at CI 1 'unstuck' things. Two solutions scientist-shared as "sv 14025 pre_mutate" and "sv 14204 post_mutate"

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Should have added (just read the most recent blog post) that the sticky behaviour happens in this example with the new Auto wiggle as well as Medium.

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Wiggle sticks on all settings, now. It operates exactly like wiggle did when centroids (hack! cough! retch!) were first introduced.

Mutate was fixed, and now wiggle has gone bad.


CASP is weeks away. Please give this trouble ticket elevated attention.

Is there a reason why y'all took away the rating system? We, the players, know what issues are most important concerning the operation of this game. That's not very good customer service, you know.

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I guess the 'rating' is determined by the number of votes a post gets now.
Unfortunately many players don't seem to vote and others automatically down vote some posts because they don't approve of the person who posted it which is counterproductive.

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I have seen this kind of behavior a lot, but that was also the case before newchapter.
On handfolding, rebuild, shake rebuild part, wiggle sidechains rebuild part and the full wiggle did not move. Running wiggle on lower CI until 10 pts loss or so, moving CI back to 1 kickstarted wiggle. It is something routine for me to do when wiggle seems not doing its job.

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Personally, I don't understand why, when a wiggle finishes yielding on a certain power (e.g. Low), wiggle on other power seems not to move anything, like if there was no difference in the wiggle powers. Same some times with wiggle all after wiggle side chains.

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Sticky wiggle which seems to be much worse in this latest devprev is really noticeable in fuse scripts, can we please get this stuff fixed or go back to the previous version.


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