For the love of God... please make Mutate stop!

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Opened on:Saturday, March 1, 2014 - 04:48
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Ever since NewChapter has been installed, the Mutate function doesn't seem to know when to quit. If I do a global mutate, and wish to stop it, it takes from forty-five seconds to two minutes for the mutate to stop after I hot the "Stop" button. (I have an awesome computer, so please don't tell me it's my machine.)

Further, the Mutate function used within a script sometimes NEVER stops. I initiated Rav3n_pl Hydro Puller v1 with Mutate. Checking up on it later, I saw that it was still on the first pass, and the Mutate function had been running almost SEVENTEEN MINUTES without completing. I had to manually can the script.

See attached photo if you don't believe me.

This is insane, dev's. You fixed this problem once before, years ago. Please do so again, before I go psychotic.

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Sounds like you got caught deep in the sarcastic mud in the field of dreams

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i hit cancel during mutate on script and it hangs. i need to hit stop before it closes script. in the past it would crash my client if i hit stop during hanging mutate, so i guess this could be considered an improvement.

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I just noticed that cancelling a mutate step (by clicking the cancel button in the script area, not on the 'clock') in a script was followed by a wiggle that should not have taken place. Possibly the code that checks for the cancellation has a bug.

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Cancelling a mutate should be much more responsive in the next release.

Which puzzle were you running where the mutate took 17 minutes?

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Looks like the issue was resolved with the most recent dev preview update.

But now... wiggle doesn't work.

Closing this case.

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It's back. Re-opening this case.

Checked up on the "Mutate Combo for Layers" script I was running on #972, 80-residue design. The clock in the upper left corner of our screens showed that this particular mutate had been going on just over ten minutes. I hit the stop button, only to see the script run another minute and fifteen seconds before it stopped.

Seeing this same issue on #973c, Ebola.

What is the signal to tell the mutate function to stop mutating? It should be: if the score does not change more than 0.001 points in one minute, the function needs to admit defeat and move on.

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yes scripts running mutate are now intolerably slow in design puzzles


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