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My wish list might be unrealistic due to budgets, but I really wish one of the devs were an avid player. This is a fun game (mostly), and it would be a great internship. I've noticed many philosophical musings about what should be valued most in this gaming environment and I am surprised how few mention the they value the gaming experience most. If I were to ask others what they valued most about dessert, few would say its nutritional value, and even fewer would say, "eat brussels sprouts and liver". The experiment is to find out just how much nutrients you can pack into the dessert for a wonderful win win combo.
Leisure time crowd sourcing of the lay person that can produce complex scentific results that benefit the world. Cool experiment. Must be fun to play, must be easy to use, must be nutritous (scientifically useful). In That Order...I shouldn't even have to mention this, it should be so obvious. I'm trying to imagine a nutritionist with no interest in dessert being asked to make the ultimate dessert, but she's not allowed to taste, touch, or smell it.
To those who think it shallow to stroke your ego through gaming instead of focusing on the science, no dessert for you. As gamers, who hope foldit will bring cool scientific results, we'll do our best to provide constructive feedback that helps you improve the NC. It would be optimal to have an enthusiastic gamer in your department though.
My scores on a scale of 1-5, (5 being the best):
FUN- 4

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sorry, didn't know about nickycgs. just file this in the musings bin. ;)

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