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I finaly downloaded Foldit on my laptop. I logged in, and wanted to play a puzzle. For some reason, when I got to the loading scene for a puzzle, it wouldn't respond.

Can anybody tell me why?

Just some information, I have an Acer laptop that runs on Windows 7 that has 419 GB storage of free space out of 450 GB, and I have the latest version of Foldit.

Here's a picture of the puzzle loading window.

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That could be because it's

That could be because it's the first time you're opening the puzzle. It can sometimes take longer, and that has been more so the case recently.

Please do a search in the feedback section here: http://fold.it/portal/feedback
If you don't find anything, just submit a new case.

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I have the same problem, but

I have the same problem, but I know what causes it on mine at least. My laptop has an x64 architecture, but the program is set up for an x86.

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foldit works fine on 64 bit

Foldit works fine in 64bit on windows.
One other thing to try is to make sure the "disable network timeouts" box is checked in the login panel.
Try doing the tutorials first and make sure they are ok, then a beginner puzzle. 851 is a big puzzle.

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No, x64, not 64 bit. Two

No, x64, not 64 bit. Two different things.


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