Make Wiggle stop when work is done

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Opened by:bertro
Opened on:Wednesday, February 19, 2014 - 21:27
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Could you make wiggle stop automatically when the work it can do is done. Or, in other words, when the iterations on the left-upper "clock-like" display start to increment very rapidly.


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It would be handy for scripting but not necessarily for hand folding. Consider instances when you leave wiggle running and create/delete/enable/disable bands.

Perhaps if "infinite-wiggle" was disabled while lua scripts are running. However, making it user or script changeable would probably create more problems than it's worth (e.g., default states, bad scripting cleanups, etc.).

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I've definitely thought about this before, but as gitwut has pointed out, there are a number of considerations that we'd have to account.

That said, you can actually code up this behavior in your scripts yourself. We might consider adding a utility function to take care of the loop logic.

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Thanks for the feedback to the feedback...:)

Coding this behavior in our scripts is definitely not the same as we have to stop the wiggle to check on it and internal wiggle values are lost at that moment if I understand correctly.

So please add a toggle "AutoStop" wiggle to the "Behavior Options" just next to the "Wiggle Power:" and LUA functions.

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They're planning on adding the Lua ability. The plan was a week or so after NC launched, but they had to fix the issues first.


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