Linux 64 crashing/hanging

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Opened by:henry.hirsch
Opened on:Thursday, February 13, 2014 - 14:57
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I have been told to put this up here.
I was fine with NC but the most recent update
introduced more crashes in an already unstable client.
Most of the time the client window does not respond. The best way
to interact with the client is to kill it and then restart the whole thing.

I sometimes find myself waiting 3 to 5 minutes siting in front of an empty frame waiting for the client to show up.

Can you please start testing the releases and maybe add some quality control? I know that you have a staging system, but that does not seem to work very well if the tests are not run long or ferral enough.

I am not telling you what to do. But there is a line between inconveinient and unplayable and with a few more crashes the client is crossing the line. For me at least.


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1 crash during update process. Meny crashes in various situations: script execution, some inactivity (e.g. in puzzle list dialog - last string in log.txt is "Finished show_puzzle_screed..."), etc.

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Crashes during update again and again. on console shows error code 141

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Linux 64 is still crashing unexpectedly.
See attached post-mortem dump.
How can one support with debug infos after
unwanted program terminations without dump?

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Post mortem dump attachment was missing.

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sorry to be so harsh but really, they dont care about the linux version. the windows vesion works fine with wine

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Considering our only active dev works full time on Linux, that's not really a valid assessment. I have noticed the update crash, but I haven't experienced any of the other problems.

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"our only active dev works full time on Linux" not relevant. obviously this time is spent on the windows version. it has been years since the linux version is unplayable. i could also make a list of all unattended linux bugs where we *never* saw a dev answering to our problems


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