NC: Wiggle Power setting during Action

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Opened by:bertro
Opened on:Tuesday, February 11, 2014 - 22:20
Last modified:Monday, July 8, 2019 - 13:51

I would like to suggest that the selected Wiggle Power setting be highlighted during any running action.

For example, if I have selected Medium before the start of a wiggle/shake/... or started a recipe run, the Medium button would turn red (or any other color) to clearly indicate my current choice. In my opinion, this would help me realizing what is my setting and if I forgot to change it to the "proper" one :)

Thank you.

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Yes please.
I often make the mistake of forgetting.
I was about to recommend that the default setting be low.
Would that be a separate issue?

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What about using this script at start of any script ?

It's implemented.


Here is a small script that uses it:

-- START Wiggle Power Setting stuff
function DisplayLongWigglePower ()
local PowerSetting = behavior.GetWigglePower()
local result = ""
if PowerSetting == "l" then result = "Low"
elseif PowerSetting == "m" then result = "Medium"
elseif PowerSetting == "h" then result = "High"
elseif PowerSetting == "a" then result = "Auto"
return result
OriginalWPowerSetting= DisplayLongWigglePower ()
print(OriginalWPowerSetting .. " Wiggle Power")

function CheckWP() -- including Alarm Dialog
if OriginalWPowerSetting == "Low" or OriginalWPowerSetting == "Auto" then
local ask=dialog.CreateDialog("Wiggle Power is ".. OriginalWPowerSetting)
ask.l1=dialog.AddLabel("Are you sure ?")
if askresult < 1 then return false end
return true

-- STOP Wiggle Power Setting stuff


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