Is there a three dimensional axis?

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I'd like an x y and z axis to keep track of where everything is. I'm still going through the tutorial.

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I think none is provided because it really doesn't matter which way is whitch. There was actually a question about gravity, and the devs said that it really didn't have much of an impact with what direction the protein was.

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I realize it doesn't matter for the protein function, but it would help keep track of where parts of the protein are and can facilitate communication of the protein.

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For structure purposes only angles and lengths from atom to atom are enough. The standard format pdb just gives those.

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I also think in X, Y, Z and miss the axes. They just don't seem to appear in protein work. I did create a script function in public share (refaxes) to help with orientation. It is for visual orientation only and does not represent any universal system used to locate things.


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