Proof-of-Brain proof scheme

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Hi. Most likely you have heard about cryptocurrencies and know how do they work.
One of the problems of cryptocurrencies is a choosing right proof-of-* scheme.
All known nowadays schemes : proof-of-work (PoW), proof-of-stake (PoS) and proof-of-burn (PoB) schemes are vunelarable to 51% attack - the governments can capture more than 51% of resource needed for mining and will be able to cancell transactions. This would be easy because of trend on centralisation of mining (now effective PoW-based mining requires large farms of ASICs and it have became a serious business) but this make it vunelarable to groups of people who can use different forms of violence to get control over resourse needed for mining. PoS and PoB are also vunelarable to this kind of attack.

I have an idea how to solve this problem.
As we know there are kinds of problems which can solved by human more efficiently and more faster than by computer but computer can check wheither the solution is correct at polynomial time.

If we have
0) a puzzle which can be solved by human more efficiently than by a computer, for example computing a ternary structure of protein
1) a function which generates a puzzle of ajustable difficulty from a number, for example we can transform a number-result of some ajustable hash function into a sequence of amino acids, then we compute secondary structure of protein
2) a function which can efficiently check wheither given solution for given puzle is correct
(it seems you have it, additional research is needed)
we will be able to build a new proof : proof-of-brain (PoBr) which successfully solves problems of centralisation of mining: it is impossible to make an ASIC (at least a classical digital ASIC), mining resources (people) don't belong to corporation so they would change the corporation they work for if they understood that the corporation wants to break the cryptocurrency they are working for.

So I ask you to make a little research on this topic.

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There are a number of alt-coins, a new one every day it seems. This one discusses protein folding.

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Have read, but it is PoW-based currency.
1 Is it possible to create PoBr-based currency using protein folding problem?
2 Do you know any other problems which are suitable for PoBr?

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Why would we need this? We get scored on our score, and it seems to work...


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