Wiggle Power Function in Lua Scripting and GUI Recipes

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Opened on:Sunday, February 2, 2014 - 20:16
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Title says it all.

Wiggle power needs a function implemented in both Lua and GUI scripts/recipes.

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adding a gui and lua function would be nice.

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A function SetWigglePower and a function GetWigglePower

This would help building recipes:

-with strategies jumping from low to High/Medium and reverse at end game, or Auto and Low at begin game
(now we must do it manually, which takes time)

-partly solving the following problems (the recipe can "reset" to the desired starting point):
http://fold.it/portal/node/997804 on default WP
http://fold.it/portal/node/998050 on current WP display
http://fold.it/portal/node/996896 on current WP display

-partly solving the following problem (recipe can write in notes)
https://fold.it/portal/node/997263 on remembering latest WP

-testing different WP combinations for best final results and/or learning on the best WP strategies

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and recipes solving this problem:
http://fold.it/portal/node/997521 on "changing the default Now or ..."

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When you implement this with LUA functions like SetWigglePower and GetWigglePower, please make a big announcement about it.

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As proposed for the 2014/8/19 devchat:

First, it seems counterproductive to have some functions that are only accessible through one channel. If you can change something in the user interface, you should be able to change it through a script as well.

Second, not really a wishlist item, but has something happened to auto wiggle power? Auto didn't get a good reputation at the start, but I've recently had encouraging results, including a successful solo on CASP puzzle 957, which spent a long time on auto, by mistake. (See point #1 - script control.)

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It's implemented.


Here is a small script that uses it:

-- START Wiggle Power Setting stuff
function DisplayLongWigglePower ()
local PowerSetting = behavior.GetWigglePower()
local result = ""
if PowerSetting == "l" then result = "Low"
elseif PowerSetting == "m" then result = "Medium"
elseif PowerSetting == "h" then result = "High"
elseif PowerSetting == "a" then result = "Auto"
return result
OriginalWPowerSetting= DisplayLongWigglePower ()
print(OriginalWPowerSetting .. " Wiggle Power")

function CheckWP() -- including Alarm Dialog
if OriginalWPowerSetting == "Low" or OriginalWPowerSetting == "Auto" then
local ask=dialog.CreateDialog("Wiggle Power is ".. OriginalWPowerSetting)
ask.l1=dialog.AddLabel("Are you sure ?")
if askresult < 1 then return false end
return true

-- STOP Wiggle Power Setting stuff


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