Why is medium power the default.

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From Seth's Blog post: "We imagine that low and medium power wiggle will be most useful at the beginning of a puzzle to explore different structure possibilities. If a structure is already ideal, low power wiggle may be the fastest way to get a good idea of how well it can score."

If this is the case, wouldn't it be better to have low power as the default? (Every unecessary click puts unneeded stress on the brachial, ulnar and radial nerves.)

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Or just make the client remember its previous setting.

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I agree, make it remember.

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Disabled Cut Bands and LOW has a better yield per unit of time than Medium. High has a ridiculous yield. See first results (on a big protein) here:

(+ Wiggle backbone crashes on a big protein)

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Selecting both ends of a cutpoint and then calling wiggle (from selection interface) with cutpoints pull enabled does only work well on low wiggle. WHY?

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Medium is the default because many of the other tools can actually lead to unideality in the pose. For example - rebuild, local wiggle, and tweak all use cutpoints internally and attempt to close them automatically, but they dont always get it perfect. So we wanted the default to be a version of wiggle which would smooth out these imperfect cut resolutions and re-idealize the pose.

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I still don't see need for medium to be the default. Why can't it be remembered per track? Dealing with the client crashes alone is annoying enough, but finding out that you forgot to change the wiggle power back to the setting you had it on prior to a crash is doubly so. I'm not even playing the De-novo now, too many crashes. It's a shame too, because I was actually happy with the design.

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So jflat, firstly, if that is the case, then why have low at all since it will lead us astray? Or is low OK for wiggle all and shake etc. So secondly, if that is the case, then since W and S are the basic tools we are using to stabilize (maybe even before tweaking, local wiggle, or rebuild), shouldn't low still be the default then?

I also agree with gitwut regarding forgetting to change the medium default which leads to wasted time and effort, overheating especially on big puzzles, and the dreaded crashing. I have even crashed on medium just doing a wiggle sidechains.

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First of all, the client should NEVER change the setting when not asked for. So no change when changinge puzzles, tracks, loading a solution or whatever.
And the program (read devs) should not guess what it best for the players, if we want Low we should get Low and that should be remembered.

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The behavior menu switching Clash Importance and Wiggle power on puzzle changes (or when selecting Enable Cut Bands) has been reproduced and is currently being looked at.

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I agree that remembering would be ideal. If that's too much work however, I'm suggesting that low would be a better default.

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And of course there is another choice. Have the default be unselected, with an error message to choose a power level if you try to make any move.

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I think it does actually make sense for medium to be the default. New players probably don't know about wiggle power, and it wouldn't be good having them running on low power. In fact, I don't think wiggle power is in the tutorials. ;)

I repeat the notion that new tutorials need to be added for all the new tools we have now. Also, as I had suggested with a feedback on the issue, create an "advanced" set of tutorials on those features that don't matter as much/aren't needed as often.


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