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836: Revisiting Puzzle 94: Mouse
Status: Closed


Name: 836: Revisiting Puzzle 94: Mouse
Status: Closed
Created: 01/22/2014
Points: 100
Expired: 01/27/2014 - 23:00
Difficulty: Intermediate
Description: EARLY EXPIRATION NOTICE: This puzzle will expire two days early to accommodate an update to the Foldit scoring algorithm.

This is a throwback puzzle to the early days of Foldit. A protein that is involved in the immune and inflammatory response of the mouse. We are revisiting old Foldit puzzles so we can see how useful the recent additions to the game have been. Players will NOT be able to load in any previous solutions for these puzzles.
Categories: Overall, Prediction

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If you want to fold proteins, know that there are many ways to play and this variety is the main value of Foldit:

- try all puzzles not only "beginner" ones,
- fold first the ones you like the most,
- try by yourself to understand what works and what doesn't,
- ask for tips in global when you think you doesn't understand something.

Make sure you have followed these tutorials:
- lonely sheets,
- lock and lower,
- rebuild,
- structure and rebuild,
- control over clashing

before starting this puzzle.
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Revisiting puzzles

Almost all of these revisiting puzzles are small, cysteine-rich puzzles. Is this because you are specifically studying the effect of having bridges enabled, or because all the original old puzzles were small, and small proteins can only be held together by bridges?

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