[NewChapter] disable cut bands required during rebuild

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I'm not sure if this is an intentional change or a bug. In previous and current releases, if you cut both ends of a structure and then rebuild the structure, one end will remain in place and the other will move freely, even if cut bands are enabled. In newchapter, the cut bands prevent either end from moving freely, so rebuilds that require the structure to change overall length (such as curling up a helix from an extended chain) are never accepted by the rebuild tool. One has to disable cut bands to let the second end move in order for rebuild to find poses. If this change is left in place, it would help to include it in the release notes when newchapter goes live, to help players learn the new routine.

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This is an intended change.

There was a bug that prevented the cut bands from being added before Rebuild was run, which is now fixed.

This brings Rebuild's behavior in a consistent state with Wiggle. If you wish to not have the cut bands influence Rebuild, you can use the checkbox.

We will try to include this as a note in the release notes. Thanks!

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