Newchapter: bands to space not working

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Opened by:Susume
Opened on:Thursday, January 9, 2014 - 20:11
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In newchapter release, bands to space are not pulling the protein to their endpoints as they should.

Newchapter, mini freestyle puzzle, shared solution "Bands in Space" with scientists. This protein is not completely stable yet (will wander a good bit when wiggled) and is held in place by strength 2 bands to space. Try toggling the bands on and off while wiggling. When off, protein should wander, and when on, it should return roughly to its starting place. Instead, turning the bands on causes the protein to stay in its current position but not return to its starting position. Other times the toggling is the opposite of what it should be - protein returns to starting position when bands are turned off and wanders when they are turned on.

Running Win 7 64.

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Thank you for reporting this and sharing your solution, Susume.

We've been able to reproduce this and are working on the problem!

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We'll be posting a fix for this to newchapter today.

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Working fine now - thank you!


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