Nuetralize ED scoring and Disulfide Bridge scoring

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Opened on:Friday, January 3, 2014 - 18:59
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Sometimes i'd like to work on these puzzles without them being grabbed at by their respective filters. I also want to chase the score without scoring being affected (of course the score would have a red line)by these filters.

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Sometimes a disulfide bridge catches at a particular angle and won't let go. The rest of the protein then conforms around those stubborn segments. Recent revisit puzzles have a lot of bridges. If I can get the protein to ignore the bridges until the protein is optimized, I might be able to align bridges at the end.

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Groups: Go Science requested one-directional bands, like bumpers for cars. These would help keep the disulfides from bonding. also links to other suggestions for bands.

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Thanks for this suggestion, as there currently is no way to do that in the game!

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AS I've stated before, I'd like to see a way of playing the game with custom score parameters (both as a global representation, scores per segment, affecting coloring, etc.). It would also be helpful if tools could be affected by this (like CI). If there hasn't been a case made for this already, I'll go and add one soon...


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