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I've been away for a while so this might be known, but a quick search hasn't turned up anything.

Anyway, my in game IRC doesn't seem to want to stay connected for much more than a minute or so. This is deeply irritating. I almost may as well be playing off line.

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A minute or two after lynnai enters chat from the game client, IRC shows her leaving with "Read error: Connection reset by peer."

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Same here, chat disconnects after a couple of minutes. Requires manual reconnect.

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This doesn't always work, but worth giving a try:

Close client. Go to "My Page". Click on "Edit" on right side. Click on "IRC" on right side. Check the "Fix IRC Group Chat Permissions" box and click "Save". This may take you to a blank page, but that doesn't affect whether or not it works. Then open client.

Hope this works for you! Good to have you back :)

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I will have to say that was a flop unfortunately.


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