Foldit Has Stopped Working

Case number:845829-996512
Opened by:bob1928
Opened on:Tuesday, December 24, 2013 - 04:39
Last modified:Saturday, February 1, 2014 - 14:32

This error occurs every few hours in the "The Marathon of Foldit: 611 residues big puzzle challenge" contest. The error is certainly not unique to the contest but, having an error happen more frequently is usually helpful in finding the problem. Hope this helps.

(Tue, 12/24/2013 - 04:39  |  9 comments)

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Indeed, it crashes on infinite wiggle.

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Please post the number of the client. I suspect you are using the latest client which in my opinion should not even have been released. It crashes frequently.

Old interface:
menu, general options, 'buildID' use the copy button.

If it is this version: 20131218-2687c5cae4-win_x86 then it is the buggy new one.

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This is a long standing problem in all clients. It happens when you click on the interface while the interface is still 'doing' something else. It'll just happen more on big puzzles. Jflat said he couldn't reproduce it, but Jflat only uses linux for any amount of time. Maybe Nick can work on finding it. Here is one of my feedbacks . There are many others.

I just had this happen yesterday, spam clicking bands (after mass banding) to remove some of them. Not wiggling or pulling, just deleting bands.

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Build code was copied and pasted: 20131218-2687c5cae4-win_x86-devprev on Win7. The problem has occurred when that window was minimized and I was off doing other things, so (for me at least) I don't see a correlation to clicking anything.
I have been away from it just recently. I will post again if I can get any particular sequence or commands that correlate with the problem.

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Hey bobandpenny, thanks for the feedback and sorry for the late response. Just saw your comments in veteran chat. I have been able to reproduce this issue and have sent it on to the developers.

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Me too. No global wiggling, but crash after 2-3 hours (running rebuilds & wiggle selected).

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Ran all night (Local Quake 4.0) with 1/2 segments frozen. Now trying DRW with 1/4 frozen. Man with fingers crossed.

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On an old computer (windows xp), after crash: "Insufficient memory, windows trying to get more virtual memory"

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Same now with official New Chapter, crashed before the end of first loop of Wiggle Backbone on big puzzle (on old computer)

with options:
Disable cut bands


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