mystery update to options.txt causes semi-transparent dialog windows

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I can't reproduce the cause of this issue, which I've seen a couple of times recently on Windows clients. I do have a workaround if anyone else is seeing something similar.

When the bug bites, the "View Options" and "Behavior Options" dialog windows are transparent at the top. The text and controls seem to be there, but are hard to see unless you select "Dark background" from the view options or slide the window over another dialog. In one case, the "View Options" dialog seemed to be stuck with its title bar off the top of the foldit screen, and I couldn't move or close it.

The cause is a change the window heights in options.txt.

The bad values are:

"behavior_options/h" : "88"
"view_options/h" : "303"

The workaround is to stop the client, and restart the client with the following values in options.txt:

"behavior_options/h" : "163"
"view_options/h" : "708"

I don't know what would have changed these settings, especially since they seem to be constants.

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Possibly same/related to . In general, windows started doing strange things in selection mode when the restore-window-position code was added. The UI thinks they're still up, when they aren't supposed to be up, or it thinks they're drawn, when they aren't drawn.

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Thanks brow, I suspect those cases may be related.

Meanwhile, I figured out how to recreate this particular condition.

The basic steps are:

1. Do a fresh install of the Windows client to a new folder. Do not start foldit from the installer.
2. Start foldit. I create a new shortcut, or you can just start it from the install folder.
3. Allow the updates to apply.
4. After the updates finish, continue logging on and opening a puzzle.
5. In the original interface, do not open Behavior or View.
6. Select Menu -> General Options -> Show advanced GUI
7. Select Menu -> Selection Interface
8. Open the Behavior dialog via the "b" hotkey
9. Open the View Options dialog via the "v" hotkey

In both cases, the dialog title bar is folded down over the dialog. The dialog can't be moved, and the red "x" won't close the dialog. The dialog can still be closed by hitting the appropriate hotkey.

The attached images show the results. I've also included my notes and the resulting options.txt file. I noticed that options.txt does not get created until the client is closed after the first run.

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The behavior and view options menus have different heights depending on whether "Show advanced GUI" is selected. The "incorrect" heights in options.txt are actually correct for basic GUI mode.

In the steps above, if you open the behavior or view options menus before selecting "Show advanced GUI", the problem does not occur. The menus will have the correct height when opened in advanced GUI mode. It's only when advanced GUI mode is entered first that the problem appears.

Another workaround for this issue to shut down the client, delete options.txt, and restart. Open the behavior and view options menus before selecting advanced GUI mode. This procedure assures the correct height settings without any editing. You'll also need to reselect all your other settings, such as selection interface and sounds.

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On my new computer, windows 8 this happened also and the suggestion how to change options.txt worked.
So please up the priority on this, because any newbie will be bitten by this.

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Old problem, long since resolved, closing.


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