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I'm puzzled with the shortcuts, because they are different in different environments.

There is a Wiki for the default interface on Windows and US-Keyboard here:

1) But several shortcuts are not the same in Selection interface. For example W is wiggle in original interface, Undo in the selection interface. Click on a segment in original interface freezes it. On selection interface, it selects it. I don't know how to select in the original interface => I go ti selection interface to be able to select. There I loose may way with different shortcuts.

2) But it's not the same for Mac (is there any Wiki for Mac users?). For example, center view is Home in Windows and ~a on Mac.

3) But it's not exactly good translate for other than qwerty keyboards. For example, I'm using an azerty (BE-FR) keyboard. The Wiki says for example "1" is to display segment notes. If I type 1 on my keyboard (numeric block), nothing happens. Then I try to type 1 which is Shift1 on azerty. Nothing happens. Finally, typing "&" (this is the key of 1 but default without the Shift) seams to work. Not sure it's the same for all numbers. I never found how to save slot or load slot with this (there is something like Ctrl 3, but I never found what to do). A big mystery.

-Point 1 is very crucial because we have to deal with other complexities of points 2 and 3.
-When point 1 is harmonized, we will be able to whrite Wikis for Mac users or for different languages/keyboards users.

Thanks also to give info on existing Wikis for other environments (Mac, Selection, ...)

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Now I think it's a bug.

If I take the shortcuts "as if" I had a US QWERTY keyboard, it seems to work.

So with my AZERTY, if I want a shortkut "Q", I should type "A", if I want a shortcut "W" I've to type "Z" etc. :(

This is very uncomon. In all softwares, the shortcuts are adapted to what we see on our keyboard. This is commanded in Windows by a language key on the right left of our screen (I have FR-Belgium installed there, if I change it to EN-USA, my keyboard behaves as a querty).

I think that there must be something relatively "simple" to do from the developpers point of view in order to retrieve this information from Windows. Than would automatically adapt the shortcut assignments to the right keys.

So I would type "Q" whatever the keyboard I'm using.

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I'm using an AZERTY keyboard (FR, France) on Windows 7 without any problem. Shortcuts correspond to the indications (W for wiggle, Q to center, Z to restore, ...) on both interfaces. If I try Fran├žais (Belgique) or Belge (virgule) keyboards, I have no problem either. Switching between french and english in foldit devprev langage settings make no difference.

Which version of windows are you using?

Are you sure your not mixing Local parameter and keyboard? Windows can indicate FR (Belgique) on your screen as Local parameter and using a qwerty keyboard.

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Thanks for your answer !

I verified: I only have this problem on a Mac (on Windows, it's ok). May be not a bug (or only in the Mac version)

I tried to change the keyboard settings but it remains the same: shortcuts behave like if I had a qwerty keyboard (no problem to type this text here, only within Foldit).

Is there any Mac user with an Azerty arround?


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