[MAIN] Error creating temporary file

Case number:845829-996404
Opened by:Bletchley Park
Opened on:Wednesday, December 4, 2013 - 08:49
Last modified:Wednesday, December 4, 2013 - 08:49

Latest MAIN build of client exhibits this repeatable error on the 815 puzzle.

client: 20131115-3bfa8176e9-win_x86

Error creating temporary file puzzles/0000996355/0000108474/t1/qui874C.tmp falling back to unsafe direct write of save data
Unhandled exception in thread 0F1FA438 (class interactive::application::Thread): Error opening puzzles/0000996355/0000108474/t1/quicksave6.ir_solution for write.

ERROR: Unhandled exception: Error opening puzzles/0000996355/0000108474/t1/quicksave6.ir_solution for write.

ERROR:: Exit from: ..\..\..\source\src\interactive\application\Thread.cc line: 210

1: RaiseException +88 bytes (no line)
2: library_main +30236773 bytes (no line)
3: library_main +28204671 bytes (no line)
4: library_main +4388262 bytes (no line)
5: library_main +4388582 bytes (no line)
6: BaseThreadInitThunk +18 bytes (no line)
7: RtlInitializeExceptionChain +99 bytes (no line)
8: RtlInitializeExceptionChain +54 bytes (no line)

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