Reform to the <15/<150 puzzles

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I've been busy for a while, and I now find myself able to play <150 puzzles. I'm not that rusty (I've still been on a little) and find it almost unfair to be able to play these puzzles... Instead of basing it off of global points, I would suggest changing it to this: You must either have under ___ global points TOTAL (not last 4 months) OR have not played for more than ___ minutes within the last ___ days. Fill in the blanks with numbers as you see fit (I don't know what would be optimal here).

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and it would help real beginners being rewarded to be a "best beginner" (with no false beginners on top of them)

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As a returning player (around 6 months) I just didn't play the <15 and <150 puzzles,although I am pleased that we are now able to play them with no points being awarded. If I do play in those puzzle scoring types I make sure never go much above the top 30, although that score can be said of some of my efforts in standard puzzles as well :D

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Also, if this could be done for veteran chat as well...


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