Load as Guide does not work with Electron Density

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Opened by:Susume
Opened on:Saturday, November 23, 2013 - 19:40
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I saved the given starting position in the ED puzzle and later loaded it as a guide. Rather than appearing in the same location relative to the density that it had at reset, the guide was translated and rotated relative to the density. I am able to align it to one segment of the protein, but what I really want is to have the guide aligned to the density in exactly position the protein had when saved. Otherwise it is useless as a guide. This should be true of any pose I save to use as a guide, not just the starting position. Also, if I load a guide from a save and later move the guide by aligning to protein, when I load that save as guide a second time it should move back to its saved position relative to the ED.

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Thanks for letting us know about this, Susume.

Was this an issue on the previous ED puzzle, 807/810?

Does this happen in both devprev and main?

Hopefully we can figure out why this is happening!

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I'm in devprev, win 7 64. I had not tried loading a guide on 807 or 810 - tried it just now.

807: loaded a save as guide, looked like it was lined up correctly to ED. Aligned it to a bad segment so it was no longer aligned to ED. Loaded a second save as guide, then reloaded first save as guide, then loaded a third save as guide - they were all way out of line - looks like all aligned to the one bad segment. Aligned guide to a good segment, then loaded each of the saves as guide again - now they are all aligned to the good segment - but no way to get them aligned to the ED itself, which is what's needed.

After loading about a dozen guides, client stops responding and has to be shut down - that happened in 813 too.

810: started with extended chain, loaded a save as guide - guide appeared very far from ED, overlapping residues 3-6 (though not aligned exactly to any one of them). Loaded a save (not as guide) - guide remained where it was. Loaded a save as guide; guide moved to be aligned to protein (probably around segs 3-6, though not sure). After this the behavior was the same as for 807.

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The normal load as a guide alignes to the protein I think.
If I understand Susume correctly that is not what is wanted on ED puzzles, there we want the guide to be in the same ED position as the save was.
And as a consequence, guides should be locked in position in ED puzzles, so the alignment button would align the protein to the guide and not the guide to the protein.


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