misleading instructions in tutorial puzzle 5-3

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I believe that the instructions for tutorial puzzle 5-3 correspond to the older version (e.g the old menu entry "Align protein to density" is suggested instead of the present option"Center Protein on Density").

More annoying is that, if you follow this instruction, then the protein turns around and the puzzle cannot be completed. The only way of resolving it is buy proceeding directly with placing the fourth beta sheet in place, pulling rubber bands, etc, without any alignment of the protein to the density.

For the rest, the game is great! I am curious about the physicochemistry behind the algorithms.

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Thanks for pointing this out!

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Thank you for pointing this out indeed! I spent a good hour on 5-3 and couldn't get a score higher than 20015 (of a required 20350), but after I found this post through google, I solved in a matter of minutes.

Even though you posted this over 9 months ago, the misleading instructions are still there, in the version of Foldit I downloaded just yesterday.

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This was frustrating... i was on it for days... well a couple of hours a day... but still days... almost ready to give it up since it seemed impossible, the highest i got was around 17 000 out of 20350... it just seemed so impossible...
Thanks to you for pointing that out, i solved it in a minute or 2... just a quick shake and wiggle after the 4th was in place and the score skyrocketed, thanks to rubber bands keeping those things togeather :D


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