The Future of Black Belt Folding

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We just finished a series of Black Belt Folding videos on denovo puzzles, and we're looking for your input on what we should cover in our upcoming sessions.

What topics would you like to see covered by the pros? Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts!

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1) After the hand folding, I would like to know how to stabilize. Is it only with shake and ws. Or fuze? (it seems better not) or LWS? drw without fuze?

May be it's not really easy to show on video if long recipes are needed.

2) On multistarts, there is an alignment tool. How to best use it?

3) On prediction (like giant anemone), we get some ss at the start. Not clear to me if it's better to start with recipe or to hand fold first

4) On hand-folding (de novo free style), I would be interested to follow the reasoning of the best players (including possible artistic ones) when they start this.

5) On symetrics, I would not be interested in the simple helix design starting points, but may be you find some original designer that you find interesting to let us meet?

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Alignment tool would be great. And how about how to de novo without ss, like in symmetric puzzles?

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I would be happy to do one about how I structured my scripts and how I use my DRW (it is something like a swiss knive)
Also I have several strategies to stabelize, not only when handfolding but also after I make some big change that ruined the score.

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I would be interesting to both tvdl proposals (script structure and stabilization). DRW options are also interesting but not directly as a topic (i suppose we'll not ask any cooker to explain the options of each Lua2 recipes): i'd see them as part of another session (some disgression when needed for the current situation on a concrete case).
I would find the options description more useful in the comments of the recipe (or even in a help panel like a saw in one recipe, forgot which one).

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Often it is commented by the author. Script options would be a cool topic, as many scripts have a ton I have no clue why I would want to use. Examples would be drw, gab, local quake... Actually just about any widespread script.

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How about a general tips and tricks session? I know of Wire a few different things I've found myself in the selection interface, for example.

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Thanks for the feedback, everyone. These are great suggestions. We're aiming to have the next session in January. We'll post an announcement when we have more details.

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I would love to see more stuff in general pertaining to ligands. I'm wanting to make a career in medicinal chemistry, and learning and getting better at foldit has improved my genreral protein intuition immensely, but I would love to get a chance to improve my protein/ligand interaction intuition.


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