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Case number:671076-996270
Opened by:AsDawnBreaks
Opened on:Thursday, November 7, 2013 - 19:46
Last modified:Tuesday, November 12, 2013 - 20:41

I've been seeing lots of spam lately, and by those with no account stats. Could we lock these users who never open the game only to the forum?

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Thanks for the feedback, AsDawnBreaks. I'm not too pleased myself! I'll see what we can do about this.

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We can start by closing any spammy feedback. But the posts will ultimately need to be deleted, in case these spammers have injected URLs into their posts in a lame attempt to boost their Google ranking.

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Yes... Should we post any feedback/comments we see here to be deleted?

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of course!
Until we find a good way to keep spammers from posting (without blocking potential new players who are having issues finding/downloading the game) this is good place to help us remove them.

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One of the best ways to remove spam is to action it immediately for example by creating a feedback post with an included link to the page the spam is on, the post needs to be set as a suggestion rather than a bug, but will be actioned quite quickly.
I would suggest that it is better to report each one as soon as you see it. Simpler for you and the foldit team.

Example link: from feedback, the forum, like any other is also open to spam, and more importantly to nasty malware attacks.

Starting to lock users at feedback stage mmm dawn do I recall you needing help from the feedback to install?

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Dawn's first feedbacks were about the game, not installing - you can look that up by going to her user page and clicking on "Cases" (you can do that for any player).

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Most of which are quite embarrassing to me lol.

Well, if it's not done already, I would at least put a captcha as always on for these players. Though there should be no issue restricting to the forum. If there's a true issue, someone else can create an issue. I know I monitor the forums fairly often myself. Feedback gets less spam, users can still have issues addressed.


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