Black Belt Folding LIVE from the Pacific Science Center

Black Belt Folding LIVE from the Pacific Science Center is now complete. Thank you to everyone who came out to watch the sessions! Recordings can be found here:

Session One - DeNovo - How do I start? What do I look for?.
Session Two - Denovo without use of cutpoints.
Session Three - Stabilizing in low CI and normal CI without cutpoints
Session Four - Denovo using cutpoints .
Session Five - Stabilizing in low CI and normal CI with cutpoints.
Session Six - “The Ideal Design Paper” (Read the paper here)

Here's a quick shot from the middle of our audience watching the BBF sessions at the Pacific Science Center!

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two missing videos

What happened to the videos for sessions 4 and 5?

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Sessions 4 & 5 are here:

Session 4 -

Session 5 -

Katfish had a hard time keeping up with our glitches, sorry!

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Thanks all. I found the session 6, presentation of Susume particularly fascinating. Between Science and Art.

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Sorry everyone, updating now!

Sorry everyone, updating now!

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I am a very new player, and I

I am a very new player, and I just have to say, this community is amazing! Awesome presentations!

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Excellent to see the folders

Great to see these stellar folders in action, and in some cases even see their faces :D
Also excellent for people to see K Fisher as the 'face' and Community Liaison of foldit, internationally and locally.

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Amazing Hand-Folding Correct Native Check

Sorry I forgot to talk about this, but if you save a solution and try to load it as a guide and it doesn't load, your solution is wrong because it wont match any of the natives.

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