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799: Revisiting Puzzle 79: Pheromone
Status: Closed


151Mike Cassidy 68 60 Void Crushers8,6694
152maastolman 68 1814  8,6674
153karost 68 1814  8,6623
154rinze 68 67  8,6603
155cgbriggs 68 1814  8,6593
156fishercat 42 72 Anthropic Dreams8,6583
157alwen 68 1814 Anthropic Dreams8,6563
158joremen 68 1814  8,6513
159wosser1 68 1814  8,6413
160trebach 68 1814  8,6413
161pmthomson90 68 622  8,6383
162dbuske 68 1814 Gargleblasters8,6363
163mirjamvandelft 68 1814  8,6343
164hug0n 68 1814  8,6333
165Shelena 68 1814  8,6312
166brow42 68 1814  8,6302
167MaartenDesnouck 68 1814 Anthropic Dreams8,6282
168Yersinia pestis 68 1814  8,6232
169cnhrcolemam 68 1814  8,6162
170aember 68 1814  8,6142
171shohinsai 68 1814  8,6142
172Pibeagles 68 1814  8,6122
173aalshaibi2013 68 1814  8,6092
174jtromposch 68 1814  8,6042
175unspecified 68 1814  8,6022

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If you are new to Foldit, here are detailed instructions to get you started:
If you want to fold proteins, know that there are many ways to play and this variety is the main value of Foldit:

- try all puzzles not only "beginner" ones,
- fold first the ones you like the most,
- try by yourself to understand what works and what doesn't,
- ask for tips in global when you think you doesn't understand something.

Make sure you have followed these tutorials:
- lonely sheets,
- lock and lower,
- rebuild,
- structure and rebuild,
- control over clashing

before starting this puzzle.
Original Puzzle:

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A previous version of this puzzle was posted as Puzzle 792, but was cancelled due to a saving/loading bug. The bug has since been resolved, so we are reposting the puzzle.

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799 is buggy

799 has the word default floating around on the ap playing surface; I was asked if I wish to Delete the track; I wasnt using a track nor did I have tracks open. I seem to go in and out of a state where I can not do anything on the puzzle.

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Ignore my Comment I do not now think its the puzzle

but a client bug

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Thanks for the clarification, Mike Cassidy!

And thanks for adding a screenshot in that feedback:

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