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(1) On the page the contest names the contest owners have chosen are not always very descriptive. It would be useful if this page also had a column listing what contest option each contest is based on (for example, GTPase Ras, HIV protease, CASP9 Target 611 residue protein, CASP training puzzle, etc.). It would also be good if we could sort based on this column. It would also be good if there were a column listing the top score so far on each contest.

(2) It is also confusing that there are so many pages describing what seems to be the same puzzle. For example,
are all GTPase Ras contests. It would be good if there were just one page that all the GTPase Ras contests would point to.

(3) It would also be nice if one could copy solutions from, for example, one HIV protease contest to another HIV protease contest, if indeed all HIV protease contests are based on the same starting structure and sequence and scored the same way. Are they indeed all based on the same starting structure and sequence and scored the same way?

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Very good point, but there is one flaw I see. What if you want to use them as actual competitions? There are two ways I can think of to do this:

You must choose if you can import solutions on contest creation.
All data feeds to a master competition, which you can play by itself as well.

Or maybe both?


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