evolver points don't count in the competition...

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I have 133 global points so I can play puzzles for <150 points. In beginner puzzle (<150): Easy mini freestyle I'm playing both in the soloist and evolver competition.
My soloist points are accounted as normal, but in the evolver competition (even in my client I am the first with 9110 points) it is totally dismissed on the server's puzzle page as evolver score as well as for the group.

Somebody can tell me what could be the problem and how can be fixed?
Thanks, histon

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HI Histon,
Did you evolve a solution from somebody in your group? If not,your best score from solo will not count for the evolver competition even if in the group window your highest score is indicated as group's best. Share your solution with your group, have somebody evolve it and share it back to you then evolve it yourself again.

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Thanks Wilm for the quick answer.
Unfortunately it does not explain the problem.
And yes, I downloaded Ribo-soma's shared solution and evolved it - it was not accounted. Than I have tried to play off line, save the solution, than evolve that online (it worked in the past), but not now.
Have exactly the same situation with the Beginner (<150): Docking design puzzle.
Now I am trying all beginner puzzles to evolve and see whether it will be accounted or not...

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I was aware of that and not talking about the total GROUP points.
I am talking about evolver points not credited to the INDIVIDUAL.
To make it clear:

1. I have <150 global points.
2. I am playing a beginner puzzle for players <150 points.
3. My soloist result is credited and shown both in the client and on the server.
4. My evolver results (evolved from a solution shared by other member with <150 points) is credited and shown
in the client (I am able to upload, share, etc), but not on the server.

So far no explanation...

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Histon, maybe that is because your evolver total is way above the 150 points.
Can one of the devs confirm this?

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Thanks Timo van der Laan!

yours seems to be a valid explanation, although it was not obvious for me, since the <150 points seemingly refers only to the soloist score...

If it was true, it would be better to make it public, so players in similar situation won't waste time and efforts in vain in the evolver competition...

Thanks again!

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As the person you evo'd it from is above 150, perhaps that is not counted.

Devs, if this is correct, and additionally not a bug, would have been nice to have made note of that (unless I missed it).

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So it looks like there are 2 possible explanations:
1) You evo-ed a solution from someone who has more than 150 global points so any evo of him will not count because any solution from that person would not count.
2) It is because the player himself has more than 150 global evolver points so no evo by him will count.

Devs pls give the right explanation for this.

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Both cases may be true:
1. This beginner puzzles have long playing time. The player had less than <150 global points when shared the solution, which I evolved, but since then he went over 150 (thanks to another puzzles).
2. Although I have only 133 global soloist points, but have more than 500 evolver points.

It seems the "global points" mentioned in the beginner puzzles description applying separately to the soloist and evolver points and contests.

Fair rules, with some foggy parts that were not clarified yet:

What happening, if somebody shared a solution when has <15, <150 points then went over 150 points before the puzzle expiration date?
Can be those shares used for evolution and than credited to that player who evolved them further?
Can be those solutions (points and ranks) credited to the original player even if he/she is over 150 points when the puzzle expires?

I am aware this is not a serious problem, still would be nice to make the rules clear...


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