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去了相当多的参与者,我觉得这对fold it是很大的损失。
希望有人可以制作fold it的中文版本,让中国广大的爱好者参与到这创造中来。
My English is poor,I have tried my best to translate it:
I am a chinese student,I love science ,however my English is poor.
I have great interest in fold it,which gives me a chance to participate scientific research,but
those terminologies in the game make it hard to play.
At present,China still has the largest population in the world,in recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy,computer and network gain ground in the ordinary family,national
quality has greatly improved.Consecquently,there are a lot of people ,like me,who want to take
part in fold it,and have difficulty to play it because of languge problem,which makes fold it lose
large numbers of participants.What a pity!
If only there was a chinese version fold it,then we chinese could create with you.
This is a wish of a human.

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Hello qiuzhenan

I'm from China too. but as for my experience, the requirement of English in foldit is not too much. The English you learned from high school is enough. so my suggestion is that you should just learn more english.

but i'm still willing to help if someone wishes to make a chinese version of foldit.

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Thank you for your words. I

Thank you for your words.
I will try to learn more english.But I think a chinese version of foldit can be more attractive.As you know we chinese students are under great pressure of examinations,we don't have enough time to learn much extracurricular things.

Are you abroad? I'm glad to talk with you,how can I get in touch with you?My QQ number is 472797044.

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Good idea

I think that qiuzhennan has raised a very good point: there are many, many gamers in China, and we should make it as accessible as possible to everyone. There is support within Foldit for alternative languages, but I don't think that any of the Chinese dialects is currently supported. Much of the translation effort has been driven by volunteers from among the players. There are instructions here for creating a new translation, if any Mandarin- or Cantonese-speaking members of the Foldit community would like to help us out on this one! (Sorry that the instructions are in English -- but presumably the person doing the translation would have to be fluent in both English and the Chinese dialect in question.)

There are also two introductory videos to Foldit here and here, both in Mandarin. These are older videos, though, and might not be completely up-to-date.

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Foldit site pages to see:

The Foldit wiki http://foldit.wikia.com/wiki/Foldit_Wiki has Japanese and Korean translations, and I am glad you can use Chinese characters in your Forum posts. You could certainly form a Group within Foldit like Team China (http://fold.it/portal/node/178159) and then have Group Chats in Chinese. Doing a google search for "chinese site:fold.it" finds several posts similar to yours.

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Article Website

that's really nice to know you are researcher, and for researcher i don't think so language is may have any issue, and now a days technologies are very strong that's makes help to understand any country language with the help of translator so don't worry just keep in touch and keep it up .


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