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The contact map would be easier to read if the two axes had narrow rainbow gradients along them to match the rainbow view of the protein, as in this image:

Then we could see if the red end contacts the blue end, etc. Right now there is no clue which part of the map corresponds to which part of the protein unless you know to hover over the backbone - and doing that only highlights one segment, not pairs.

This would be even better if foldit had a better color gradient (with, say, yellow and orange instead of being half green). I assume colorblind mode has a different gradient for rainbow view that could also be used on the contact map.

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I like this...

I thought about a additinal line like:
Contact: x/y with x ad y are the numbers of the AA's, changing while hovering over the map

And it would be great if a right mouse click on a point on the contact map would add a band between this two segments with current length.

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Groups: Go Science discussed this as well as other Contact Map ideas.

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No, there is no special rainbow view in colorblind mode. It is the same view as in normal-sighted mode. Fortunately, I can tell the difference between red and blue, so I can still make some use of the view, even though the entire middle section looks the same color to me.

By clicking on one of the squares inside the contact map, you will see a "bond" appear between the two segments represented by that square.

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Yes, for a left mouse click. I want that band with a right mouse click. It is annoying to apply all the bands by hand, for me... ;-) and I don't know another way to get rid of the contacts.

And it would be perfect if this band will change the color according to the red or green line. Most times it is hidden under the purple band so I can't control if it changed. And delete band, z and adjust band-length is even more annoying...


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