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Opened by:spmm
Opened on:Thursday, September 19, 2013 - 09:09
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No idea of the degree of difficulty of this suggestion.
I have already noted the improvements to the ED Tools in the devprev comments, thanks for that. In particular the ability to clear each dot individually or remove all of them and the persistence across tracks.

Unfortunately they did not persist through a reset of the puzzle to get a new alignment, also because they are attached to undo - when I tried to move the protein back to its starting point after moving it away to see the cloud (using undo so it was exact) I lost all my lovely dots and had to attempt to manually reposition the protein again :( Aligning the protein to the cloud is quite unpredictable.

It would be really great if the Tab dots and notes were associated with the cloud and not affected by undo or resetting the puzzle.

Ideally one would be able to mark up the cloud once and have that mark up persist until the user decides to change it.
Thanks spmm

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Completely agree. The dots should belong to the cloud, not the track or the puzzle state.


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