Notifications: How are they useful to you?

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Hey everyone, we're looking into altering the notifications tab and reducing the amount of information it displays to just what is useful, and we'd love some feedback from players.

How is the Notifications Tab useful to you?

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I find it useful to see puzzles when I'm playing.

I also had a thought: Could there be a notification if you have any outstanding PMs?

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Puzzle numbers need to be attached to the notifications. As it stands it's almost useless and best to simply turn off or ignore. Adding puzzle numbers would make it VERY useful.

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I like to know when you post a puzzle. However, the notification panel doesn't really do that. The notification may be delayed, or only show up when you change tracks/puzzles, or repeatedly show up every time you change tracks puzzles. I don't find it useful.

PM notification is an excellent idea.

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1. I think it is useful to see if a new puzzle is there
2. I would also like a warning that there is a new announcement on the portal, especially new releases.
3. All these messages should only be given once in a client, so give them an identification tag so a client will be able to distinguise between repeats and new messages.

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New puzzle is useful. I currently ignore all the rest. New announcement on front page would be very useful. New release of software would be very useful, since it does not necessarily occur at the same time as a front page announcement. New PM on site would be useful. A timestamp (local time) for the notification itself would be nice. Repeating an already shown notification when changing tracks or puzzles is not useful.

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I don't find the notifications useful, they also give notifications for puzzles I can't play and repeat in each client. I don't trust them so they are of no value to me.

I usually visit on my iPad or when I start a session at the keyboard, check for any bug problem feedbacks, see if I have messages and see what is on the front page.

My preference is to keep the client and game interface as lean as possible, less to go wrong :)all the non-essentials I can get from the site.

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oops, didn't mean to vote it down.

I think if the notifications were customizable it would be more useful.

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I do not use notifications because they are unreliable.

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Never look at them. Only thing important is the expiration date/time of the puzzle I'm playing, and it's shown at top of the screen. Don't need a notification to tell me it's too late...

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As far as i am concerned,i would cancel notifications of progress of my buddies.

Regarding notifications of new puzzles,I would appreciate ADVANCE notification with a date
and time (something like 6 hours in advance) to take into account the time zones
involved and allow some addicts to stay late or wake up early to be present at the

I agree that expiration notification can be cancelled.

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It would be useful to have some indicator that there are new notifications
so that you could then go in and read them,
but I'd prefer that they did not come up automatically.
I especially do not want them repeating every time I change track.
Once you have read them they should not repeat.

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I like the "new puzzle" notification. It gives an opportunity to be one of the first to play a new puzzle and to be rank 1 during several seconds (then better soloists quickly take the lead). ;)

I don't like repetitions. If you see 2 times "there is a new puzzle", you don't know if there are 2 new puzzles or if it's a repetition.

Expiration notifications are not very useful (certainly not if repeated).

PM notification is an good idea.

But I repeat: no repetition please !

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Thanks for the feedback!

Our original intent was to simply trim down the notifications, but it looks like people have proposed some useful additions as well.

The biggest things that I'm getting from this are:

1. Get rid of duplicate notifications.
2. Make notifications more reliable.

Additionally, how do people feel about getting rid of the "Buddy has passed you" notifications?

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I would say that Buddy's notifications are passé

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Get rid of the buddy thing altogether unless you revamp it. There were a couple other great ideas in here too. And now that I think of it, would there be a good way to send out notifications to IRC?

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get rid of buddy notifications.
i personally don't need a "puzzle expired" note.
"New Puzzle" is useless without puzzle number, but useful with puzzle number.

Please, please. If something pertinent comes up and we need to know while we're folding (basically 24/7), send a notification so i don't hear it round robbin three days later. I like to fold, but I only check front page when i am super bored. i often close vet and global chat for more screen real estate, so i don't always catch the latest info, like when a puzzle is closed and then reopened after a fix.

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I find the new notifications to be a huge improvement, they are more helpful now they have the puzzle name so you can clearly see it is a new beginner puzzle, for example, rather than have to go and check the website. Thanks.

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Be nice if they also reminded you something was going to expire as well, say 12 hour before :(

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They still repeat too much.
It would be good if you could acknowledge a notification
and then not have it appear again.


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