Hotkey for centering protein in view is not in the provided help!

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As many of us know, hitting "Q" will return a lost protein to the center of your viewport... however, many new players do not know this, and one today pointed out that it's not documented. I've seen numerous new players asking about this, and I feel it would be nice to have it in the in-game help section. That's all!

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It's there -

Camera Controls Reset: Home

The "Home" key centers the protein in the visible window.

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For clarification, at least on PC: (and this is NOT in the Help window of the Selection Interface)

The "Home" key will always center AND re-orient/zoom the chain the same way in the client window.

The "q" key will ONLY center the chain (globally if mouse is not on a segment otherwise it will center on the segment the mouse is hovering over), keeping the current orientation and zoom but resetting both near and far visibility.

"Shift-q" is like "q" when the mouse is not on a segment otherwise it will zoom-in(or zoom-out) and center on the segment the mouse is hovering over AND reduce visibility to center on that segment (by adjusting both the near and far visibility).

Hope that helps.

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"Camera Controls Reset" just does not sound like "recentering protein view" to me... that is just an opinion. Thank you for bringing up that Home was already documented.


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