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This would be like treating one segment this way: ball bearing/half segment/ball bearing/half segment/ball bearing
The second ball bearing has the aa attached.
Why? Because then we could click and drag on any of these parts (including the aa) and move them freely like a ball joint.
The aa should be able to spin 360 degrees and all parts of the aa should have full freedom of motion as well.
The entire chain would follow the motion of the click/dragged unit.
Imagine these links on a table. If you changed the angle of the link with your pointer finger, the rest of the chain doesn't move much, but if you pull it around the table, the rest of the chain follows behind.
Of course this would allow for impossible angles and side chain positions, but that can be fixed with idealize and rebuilds. Freedom of movement is what makes cut points so useful and I think this option could also have useful applications, especially with electron density puzzles,
Thanks for your consideration.

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If the entire protein is not feasible, maybe the player can choose a max number of consecutive segs (maybe 4 segs as a trial) to run this option.

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you're welcome nanocrafter

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This is like an idea someone (jeff101?) had to let you pull a string of residues along a path that you define - yes it would be very useful in ED puzzles! Closest thing we have now is tweaking a sheet along the path where the sheet already lies, moving each residue one place along the path. Timo showed us that this method can be applied to a helix if you first change the helix to sheet and then tweak it, but if you try it with a loop it doesn't follow the existing path, just makes a mess.

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