Allow notes/dots to persist

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Opened on:Monday, August 5, 2013 - 12:49
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From Susume: Can we please have the purple dots persist through track changes, saves and loads? It is maddening to have them all disappear.

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Thanks for posting! I have this down to discuss with the team. :)

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This is on its way - we're taking the suggestion of one of your fellow players and making sure everyone in both main and devprev have the ability to READ the save notes before deploying the ability to write, so that we wont have issues with players not being able to share between devprev and main.

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not sure if it helps but just the persistent dots first (agile) then putting text in the notes would be fine by me. Of course as soon as they become persistent then we need a way as Timo mentioned to remove them all at once :D


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