Chat reconnect button to force disconnect fo connected client ?

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Is it possible that when you click the reconnect to chat button, it would force a disconnect of whichever client is connected and allow the one you are reconnecting from to take chat control ?

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I get the impression that a disconnect from chat might also disconnect the client from updating scores on website. Don't know that for a fact, but it often happens that clients that are forcefully disconnected by accident or nature might not keep their scores updated. There are settings on the options.txt file that seemingly are there to disallow chat connection and to allow chat connection. I have tried those for over a year now, with only very limited success. In my case, I like keeping my first folder chat connected ( active ) with all following folders non-active and when I can make that happen, I tend to be a happy camper chat-wise. also makes it easy to download recipes and from first folder to share the resultant all.macro to following foldit folders. Only very rarely does my best scores end up on the first folder, so only very rarely do I share an image to global. Far to much hassle to make my best scorer client also the active client, unless there was a disconnect button that would disconnect chat from normally active client and allow normally non-active clients to become active on purpose. Still a danger of disconnected clients no longer updating scores, but one that might be lived with if a person were to be able to share his/her images to global. I totally agree, we need control over which of our folder/clients are our active clients instead of leaving it up to a very frustratingly small chance that luck will serve our purpose.


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