Going back to 746 after having played 750 density is displaced.

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Boy, I am happy that I did not play 750 on my demo machine.
I wouldnt be able to give a demo on the machine where I am playing 750.
Because the density cloud had changed position.
Why do 746 and 750 share the same cloud?

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750 and 746 ARE the same puzzle and same ED, except that the 750 ED is trimmed to remove some of the cloud presumably outside the protein.

Hope that helps.

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I know they are the same puzzle. But when I went back to 746 my high score was not so high anymore because the density was not in the same place as when playing 746.
The density was the same as in 750 and the score I found on 746 was equal to the score when loading the save in 750, not the score I had on 746.

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Sorry, I misunderstood your question.

I checked and my post-expiration 746 cloud and high score are still what they were before. Strange yours are changed.

Of course, that 746 high loaded into 750 had a lower score because of the cloud change.

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And yet another strange thing happened when I went to 750 during the demo.
When I loaded my high share from 750 itself it was misplaced in the cloud.
I had planned to show my script on 750 but had to revert to 746.
Now I have restarted that client directly in 750 and no problem loading the high score.

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I think I have an idea what is going on:
When you chance puzzle the current density cloud is kept and the next puzzle just checks if there is a cloud.
Ways to solve this:
- Destroy the current cloud when changing puzzles
- Or always re-init the cloud when starting an ED puzzle
- Or re-init the cloud on startup of an ED puzzle when it is a different cloud


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