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I would appreciate the ability to easily move from one computer to another while taking the chat with me.

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Thanks for the suggestion, porky. Do you mean the chat history?

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Asked few times about ability to reconnect chat on another machine on same acc.
This should work like this IMO:
Old connection need be broken by ghost command.
Few lines of history would be nice too, but I`m not sure it can be done by server.

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Thanks for referencing that thread for me, Rav3n. I agree that it would be a nice feature. I'm not sure what's possible server-wise, but I'll look into it.

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Hi Kat and Company
At the risk of being a nuisance. Is it possible to have a progress report on this? When playing multiple puzzles on a pc the chat is hidden from view during puzzle changes. It is especially difficult when helping newbies in global. I want to help them at the same time so the inability to change is limiting. At the moment, I disconnect my internet connection for a few minutes and then I reconnect on the puzzle I am busy with.

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most people who need to do this use an IRC client, so they can follow the chat regardless of which puzzle they are playing.

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Thanks sp, perhaps I'll do that


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