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I love rainbow view, but I really miss the color yellow. All the cool kids with pymol and jmol have yellow in their rainbows. Would it be possible to find a better color gradient (maybe even the one used by other tools) with yellow, and orange, and less green?

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They say yellow is the color of happiness. Can't argue with happy-looking proteins. I'll pass along the suggestion.

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An excellent opportunity to make the game easier for the CB cohort, if it's not already in themes. Alternative colorings are blue->magenta->red (no green) and black->orange->red->white (heatmap).

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this would really be helpful as there is so much undistinguished green.
We seem to have a proper rainbow in the design puzzles but not the normal ones.
I often do early folds in rainbow view as it makes it easier to ensure that I am not repeating the same sheet arrangement over again when trying out poses for example.


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