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Could you create a new type of puzzle that functions as normal but does not score and shows up at the bottom of the list? This allows you to have a mode for vets that isn't meant for something else (meaning gallery). Also, 746 shows up below the gallery puzzle.

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Thank you for this suggestion.
We completely agree that we need a better system for these "veteran mode" puzzles.

As I mentioned in the puzzle comments for the Gallery Mode puzzle this is just a temporary solution, and we need to come up with something better.

Hopefully we can get to this in the not too distant future!

As for 746 showing up below the Gallery Puzzle in the client, that is because it is a Beginner Puzzle, so all the Intermediate & Advanced Puzzles will be below it.

Gallery Mode will always be at the very bottom on the Puzzle Page, though:
which is nice because at least it gets rid of the clutter there.

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Ah, ok. I would suggest setting the vet mode to be on the bottom of the puzzle list, below advanced, but above the <15/150

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Thanks... we'll make sure to keep the client puzzle list in mind as well!

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Handling of beginner puzzles has changed, no longer necessary.


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