Abandoned wiggle vice current ( old ) wiggle

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I'm wondering why we are seeing lowering scoring solutions with the present wiggle compared to the recently abandoned wiggle. People saying the OLD wiggle was better, as I see it the abandoned wiggle was much better, as it provided greater variation and higher scores, especially on the older puzzles. I'm seeing nothing good with current wiggle. So I need an explanation why we allow ourselves to suffer for the sake of the few people who were constantly complaining about abandoned wiggle. There was a reason the OLD wiggle was removed to begin with, maybe that needs re-examination also.

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Just to clarify, there are currently 2 different versions of wiggle available:

Devprev has the "old wiggle": http://fold.it/portal/node/995468#comment-23745
main currently has the "new wiggle"

Are you referring to the wiggle in devprev as "the OLD wiggle"
and to the version in main as "the abandoned wiggle" ?

(I just want to make sure we are all on the same page)

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When capitals, I am referring to the OLD wigge that was removed a few years ago, i.e. the one to my understanding presently in devprev. I thought that had been pushed to Main already, as those changes were incorporated in Main just a few days ago.

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imo - The wiggle in main before the latest update was really lively and even through the iterations, it was fun; the one that came with the latest update to main is really painfully slow and seems to stop then go again, which may be the calculation it is doing and it may be a superior wiggle but takes forever.

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Normally I play a few clients main and one devprev.
Now with the current slow wiggle in main I am running all my clients in devprev.
My feeling is that now there is not a level playing field, and that the version in devprev should be released to main as soon as possible.

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Timo, did you read spmm's answer? or did it not sink in that present wiggle in devprev is the slow one and to my understanding has already been incorporated into main.
People seem to be getting lost between devprev, main, and what happens inbetween. Part of that is due to devs generally not fully explaining what goes into each and every update and the fact they've had so many updates recently ' without ' description on the next client loaded after update. People are lulled into complacency believing the devs would never do anything wrong for the sake of a few over the many. They do it all the time, and I've been around to see a lot of it. You have your level playing field, but I don't believe you yet comprehend what it will do to the overall satisfaction of the game.
Now I will take the blame, as I should have made sure this thread went to the devs only. I want to know why this current wiggle was removed a few years back in favor of the now abandoned wiggle. I already know why and so do many of us who remember those days. Is that what we want to go back to? The devs don't play the game, now or before, even beta doesn't know how much the now current wiggle was hated by players back then.
So to get back to my original question and off this tangent that some would like to take the thread on. Why did we remove this current wiggle years ago and replace it with the recently abandoned wiggle? I believe, in context, only the devs and a few of the oldest members have that knowledge. I would just like to see it re-examined. I hope I have made myself clear.

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Unfortunately, you seem to be a bit behind what wiggle is in the current versions...

Currently, Main has the slow wiggle that was pushed from DevPrev last week. Because of many complaints, the devs RESTORED the faster wiggle to DevPrev within a couple of days - the one that they had just removed from Main.

So for the last few days, Main has a slow wiggle, and DevPrev has the fast one - which is the opposite of a week ago.

And yes - the devs are aware that they did not test last week's DevPrev long enough to realize that most players would hate the slower wiggle. They also didn't communicate well enough which client has what atm. They are considering what to do to perhaps have a wiggle that is speedier like the current DevPrev, but will give more points like the current Main.

But this statement "...believing the devs would never do anything wrong for the sake of a few over the many. They do it all the time, and I've been around to see a lot of it..." is way over the edge, and imho completely inflammatory - and wrong.


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