CMP Binary library can't load (after computer crash)

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Error occurs after a computer crash on Windows:

Could not load library.

C:\Foldit\Foldit_1\cmp-binary-f47d96fef6bf1d8833ae75b7c58c83\game_library.dll': The specified module could not be found.

After which, the installed client no longer works. You have to re-install Foldit. Talked to someone else who also has the problem (I got the error message from her, as I haven't had the issue in a while), and she thinks you can also replace the file with one from a working client as well.

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Changing case info.

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Forgot to add I believe this is only if it goes through system recovery.

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention. How long ago was the last time you encountered this issue? Can you encourage the other person experiencing this to come post in the thread for extra information?

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I have the same issue Kat.

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She last had this happen the day before I posted this. I'll send her a quick PM. There isn't that much more info, though. Just break your computer enough so it does a system recovery.

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Haven't gotten ahold of her yet, but just got a similar issue, but with a different file (or rather, different path):


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Got the log:

args passed:
core.init: Mini-Rosetta version 3007c90fc82b913047a0e71887fb1a9ead4c1f48 from
core.init: command: C:\Foldit\Foldit.exe -database cmp-database-7428357e372b40706aa28e2a11182504/database -resources cmp-resources-6961d66da64723647a883ace35efd96b/resources -interactive_game novice -boinc_url
core.init: 'RNG device' seed mode, using 'CryptGenRandom', seed=-347284292 seed_offset=0 real_seed=-347284292
core.init.random: RandomGenerator:init: Normal mode, seed=-347284292 RG_type=mt19937
Error loading font cmp-resources-6961d66da64723647a883ace35efd96b\resources\fonts/Arial.ttf: Error, could not load width font (..\..\..\source\src\interactive\gui\
or maybe an error loading fontcmp-resources-6961d66da64723647a883ace35efd96b\resources\fonts/Arial.ttf: Error, could not load width font (..\..\..\source\src\interactive\gui\
ERROR:: Exit from: ..\..\..\source\src\interactive\application\ line: 160

1: RaiseException +88 bytes (no line)
2: library_main +29947077 bytes (no line)
3: library_main +27914751 bytes (no line)
4: library_main +467050 bytes (no line)
5: library_main +4403689 bytes (no line)
6: library_main +4404441 bytes (no line)
7: library_main +3731757 bytes (no line)
8: library_main +3679228 bytes (no line)
9: library_main +1279997 bytes (no line)
10: library_main +27767 bytes (no line)
11: library_main +3736852 bytes (no line)
12: library_main +3649462 bytes (no line)
13: library_main +33269 bytes (no line)
14: library_main +29 bytes (no line)
15: no symbol (no line)
16: no symbol (no line)
17: no symbol (no line)
18: BaseThreadInitThunk +18 bytes (no line)
19: RtlInitializeExceptionChain +99 bytes (no line)
20: RtlInitializeExceptionChain +54 bytes (no line)

That's the whole log. Nothing was in the referenced folder. Copying the folder from a working client folder into the broken one does not work (it only says it previously did not start correctly). Log is the same.

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Bump. Really don't want to have to manually move everything to a new client.

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I just figured out the problem. For some reason crashes cause some of the files to get screwed up. I took a working client and simply copied over some files to the bad clients and they now work.

When you open the Foldit folder in your C drive you'll see files starting with cmp-binary-0000000000000, cmp-binary-802......., cmp-database etc.

These get corrupted and need to be replaced by the ones in the working client. Make sure all five match your good client.

Then scroll all the way to the bottom and you'll see version-binary.txt, version-database.txt, and version-resources.txt. These also have to match the working client. Open these to check.

Back to those cmp files. Some of those had extra files inside them from trying to download a new client into the same file.

All of my non working clients from three different episodes are working now. Four became corrupt after a crash, four were corrupt after a windows update and the last four became corrupt after recent foldit update and/or a system restore...not sure which.

Bottom line, just make sure that the cmp and the version files match the same ones in a working client.

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I'm on win7 and run multiple clients in their own folders.

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Clarifying smilingone's comments, this problem seems when foldit's files and directories (folders) are left in an inconsistent state after a foldit client or system crash. The main symptom is that a dialog box is displayed complaining that game_library.dll can't be found when trying to start the foldit client. (See the attached image.)

The problem can be corrected by copying files and directories (folders) from a working client, thus preserving game history that would be deleted by reinstalling.

We suspect that this problem may occur when foldit terminates abnormally after a foldit update. A Windows update may force foldit clients to close, which may explain why this issue has been seen in connection with a Windows update. We haven't been able to recreate the issue, however.

Quick fix

From a working client, copy the following five directories (folders) and three files.

Unchanging directories:


Changing directories:


For the changing directories, the "xxxx" part changes to a new unique key each time there is an update.



The files contain the unique key for the corresponding directory, as described below.

Technical details

The problem seems to involve five directories (folders) and three files. These directories and files are found in the foldit install directory, for example c:\foldit.

(Note: the main foldit executable (c:\foldit\foldit.exe) does not seem to change with updates, and doesn't seem to be part of the problem.)

The first two directories always have the same name. The content of these directories doesn't seem to be change, and it's unclear whether they are part of the problem. Still, it's safe to copy these directories from a working client. These directories are:


There are three directories that change when foldit sends out an update. Two of these correspond to the "binary" and "resources" directories above. There is a also a third "database" directory. Each of these three directories has a unique key that changes each time foldit updates the corresponding component.

These directories are currently named:


There are also three files corresponding to the three directories above:


These files should contain the unique part of the directory name. For example, version-binary.txt should contain "802a8c0a3d8addd0d0d3194099e7ed1b" (minus the quotes) and nothing else.

The changing directories and the corresponding "pointer" files can be copied from a working client. Alternately, edit the pointer files to ensure that they contain the correct unique keys, correct as needed.

Copying the five directories and three files described above allowed the failed clients to restart.


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