New wiggle so slow, need more time on puzzles

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The new wiggle is so slow that scripts take much longer to run - more than twice as long. Hand folding takes twice as long too. I doubt 6 days will be enough on the ED puzzle, where I normally alternate scripts and hand work. Can we have a few more days? Or is there any way to speed wiggle up?

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The game is now about computer speed. And large proteins will now get even more unplayable.

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I noted this in a comment in this feedback:

Thanks Susume for making a dedicated thread for this - it's a huge issue all on it's own!

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Indeed, since the last update even numbers of iterations (it:2, it:4, etc..) for wiggle seem to take forever. Including wiggle sidechains. I don't even want to continue working on 738 since handfolding just got unimaginably more laborious.

Before the update, GUI - Quake took maybe 30~45mins for me; at the moment it's about 2hours. Ridiculous.

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Running my DRW on the ED puzzle 1 single iteration now takes about 2 hours, normally it was 5 minutes at the most.

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I also find that Wiggle will now sometimes "freeze with the 'clock like icon' running" at iteration 2 (meaning it will NOT go on to iteration 3 or complete if only 2 were required). And the score at the top will not change when this is happening. A manual space will let it continue as usual.

It happened a few times so far on 738(during GUI script), 739 and 740(during recipes Local Quake, DRW, ...).

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Because this is realy frustrating all folding I change the type to bug and the prio to 1.
My DRW is now taking about 1 hour for each iteration, other scripts are also not running nicely.

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We will look into some ways to allow better control over how long wiggle runs in scripts.

In the meantime, we've posted a version with the previous behavior to devprev which can be used.

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Surely this is not enough. This version should go asap to main too.

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I would not be so quick Timo. Personally see no difference bet this new(old) wiggle and the ones we've been using, and notice how low the score on 739 is. much lower then it should be. 741b for me at least has not yet bent a twig even after considerable TVDL DRW 2.3.0. Can't speak to 740 yet, been to slow getting anyplace on it.


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