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Can anyone point me in the direction of say "Foldit for Dummies" or some other common sense instructions for advanced beginners. Yes of course I have looked at the FAQ and worked the little tutorial puzzles. But I feel I should be getting better at this faster. I love protein structure, and I think I have some idea what a good fold should look like ( I have a background in protein crystallography.) But I just find the interface a little annoying. Sometimes I just want to twist a single phi or psi angle, can I do this easily? And I have some recipe ideas, but I have not yet written a recipe.

Also, I am thinking I should join a group. Should I join one of the big ones?

Excuse my ignorance and naivety,

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Check out the Foldit wiki. It has tons of stuff there for you to learn. :)

As for a group, it is really personal choice. If it is a closed group, look at the description. Groups (like mine) are closed to keep track of those who join (so they can't just make a quick point off of us), or so the group can be generally controlled, but love new members.

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Getting Nowhere

Hi! Just started 3 days ago. Boy! I was very, very stressed with even the 1st puzzle for beginners. I pull and nothing happens. I do it again , then it moves, but I don't know why! I "thought" I repeated my first action, thinking I had missed or something. Or I want to twist a "leg" just a tad but it rotates 360 degrees! There needs to be some sort of "How to make things move" Instructions. Something! I'm just Accidently making things move. I can "see" the solutions, but I don't understand how to make the "legs" move.

In addition I don't see why we can't get to the Forums or Groups from the puzzle page. I'm having to go a Search Engine, then select a catagory in an effort to find the main page. The icon on my desktop just takes me to the puzzles. That "Puzzles Menu" needs a choice to go to your main page also.

Please help me. I barely got to begginner puzzle 2-3!

Thank You, Tracy Marie

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for the tutorials
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Different pages

The Foldit client is meant for doing puzzles only. Everything else is on the website. Two completely different things. Your Foldit client is not a browser, and would not work well as one (some of our GUI features, like for text, aren't the best).

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Gameplay videos

Hi J

Check out the gameplay videos: http://de.foldit.wikia.com/wiki/Gameplay-Videos
And search on Youtube for the gameplay videos of the tutorial puzzles: e.g. "foldit 1-4" or "foldit 3-4"


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