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I was searching for a feedback on Lua functions and I found one with a link to a now not accessible feedback. can not be found anymore. I think this was the feedback I was searching for where I suggested functions for cutpoints.
(Close cutpoint, Can cutpoint be closed)

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can you explain what you mean by "a now not accessible feedback"?

I can find it by searching:

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The problem is the feedback search...

Use the front page search, not the feedback one.

Searching for "functions wiki" (2 of the key words), gives you nothing in the feedback search:

Using the front page search, the feedback you want shows up at the top of the list on the Google page:

Hoping that the feedback search is replaced soon with the front page one as mentioned in this feedback:

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Somehow I was not able to access this feedback (it was not the one I was searching for, I can see now).
Now I can.


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