lowering score on repost 733 to 733b

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My soloist score was 11,231 on 733, on top of my group.

When I load it and share it to 733b, it falls down to 10,803 (even after trying everything like restore very best , or on a Windows, a Mac, etc).

Is there another way to calculate the score ?

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It seems bad angles and distances weren't scored correctly in 733. My score even fell from 10,844 to -135,579 - mainly because of two segments with a very bad backbone where I've had cut the protein before (about -73,000 each).
After idealizing and fusing I passed my old best.

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ok thanks for the tip. I'll try asap. (I suppose idealizing is only in devprev curently? I don't know this)

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That is correct. The new Idealize tool is currently in devprev.

You can read all about it here: http://fold.it/portal/node/995357

We apologize for the score differences, but that it exactly why we had to repost 733!

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I recovered >200 points with repeat blue fuze ...

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