Foldit not working on 64bit Windows 7

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Hi Guys,

On, my second machine (64-bit W7), when I start Foldit, after the login page, when menu to select Intro Puzzles, Science Puzzles, Contests, or "Continue in..." is displayed, clicking on anything has no effect; I cannot go anywhere; even the Quit button has no effect. I can only get out of it by clicking the red "x" window-close icon in the upper right.

I have tried installing it in the default C:\Foldit location, and also in the C:\Program Files (x86)folder, also, have tried removing and re-installing multiple times, with and without virus protection running.

The weird thing is: when I first installed it, it did work, for a couple of days. The problem seemed to start at about the same time my Group IRC chat failed - (it is still out) - I did not think it was related, but now no longer so sure. My account and irc account have been reset several times by the techs, (auntdeen reported it for me).

Could these two seemingly disparate issues be related?

Thanks for whatever help or suggestions you may be able to provide.


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First of all check the log file for strange messages. That should give you a pointer to what is happening.
(in the Foldit dir the file log.txt)

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To test whether it is related to your account, you could either try playing offline (no account) or creating another account and try running a puzzle.

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i am having a similar problem except it closes automatically. also if i resize the window at any point it will automatically close

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great post.

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This is Closed


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