Restore Very Best not working at times when using tracks

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Opened on:Monday, June 3, 2013 - 19:04
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Because some recipes refer back to the very best score (for no good reason that I can see) I have had to resort to trying different configurations using tracks. Twice however, the latest example being puzzle 719 (mutant insulin), I have been unable to retrieve the very best score on any of the tracks used. I have tried every which way using hotkey A, or the undo menu's "restore very best". I have even tried retry which is clear of any tracks. All attempts failed. This is a very serious bug for me because it means either abandoning the track method or accepting as much as a 50 point loss. Neither is satisfactory.

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I have seen this happen previously, but only when I had a crash or hang forcing me to kill the client. And afterwards the standard save files appeared to have disappeared. Not recently however because I solved a hang problem of my laptop by changing of provider. Sometimes you can look to the other saves (my DRW uses a lot) and find the high score there.

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On 719 I did not have a crash or a hang that I had to kill. Nor am I currently having a hanging problem as in the past. I originally forgot to mention that I did check the autosaves on the previous puzzles and the best score did not appear there either. I did forget to check the autosaves on 719, but it's closed now so I can't tell. This has only happened to me when using tracks.

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I observed that sometimes after a crash or hang you have to manipulate (pull, wiggle, etc.) a solution a bit in order to become your very best score available again.

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That is especially true in the case where a bonus is on the borderline of being given or not being given.
I havent seen that in a puzzle without bonus points like 719 is.


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