Post personal cookbook collection of recipes on the recipe section of profile web page.

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Also make this list downloadable with one download click. This would allow uninstallment and/or reinstallment of a new foldit application, which is sometimes advisable or necessary, without having to keep a separate off-line list and then having to laboriously download the recipes again one by one.

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Your cookbook file is "all.macro" in your foldit program.

When uninstalling or reinstalling the foldit application, all you need to do is copy that file and paste into the new installation of the foldit app.

It's always advisable to have frequent backups of your foldit application. It's recommended to do a backup before any major foldit update. That way you will always have a relatively current backup of your cookbook if needed.

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I think it's better not to encourage folders to use the foldit folder.
Moreover, with different clients, I personally mix everything and I have nowhere with all my recipes used.
I loose a lot of time going again downloading recipes for other clients.

So I support the suggestion: it would be very usefull.


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